Abiquiu Vortex


Banyon Trees

Vortices, Volcanos
& Other Disruptions
Black Sands Beach Sleeping Giant Kauai Na Pali Coast #2 Taro Overview Kauai
Taro Fields Kauai Na Pali Coast 2010 Kilauea Volcano Kilauea Volcano 2
Kauai Vortex Slot Canyon Grand Canyon Swooping Rock
Chaco Canyon 2 Chaco Canyon Medicine Wheel Bisti Rockscape
Abiquiu Vortex Chaco Vortex Vortex 4 Tent Rocks Vortex #1
Vortex #3 America's Stonehenge Leaning Tree Bandera Volcano
Arenal Volcano Volcano Rim Dragon Branch Kasha-Katuwe Rockscape
Rockscape #1 Fogged in at Grand Canyon Angel Rock Canyon Sunset
Chesterfield River Dream Lost River Canyon Flume Rockscape The Potholes
Rockscape #2 Flying Rock Rockscape #4 Zen of Water
Banyon Trees Jemez Pines Foundation Dancing Light
Aspens (1) Indian Hill Tombstone Territory Pathway through the Bayou
Fishing on Highway 61 Falling Barn Apple Orchard Rainforest Light
Transformation 1 Daydream #1 Pathway to Fox Hollow Gateway to Gracelend
Water & Gardens
The Gardener Banana Leaf Garden Healing Garden Bonaparte's Garden
Poolside Buddha in the Garden Costa Rican Garden
Angel Rock Aspens Triptych Buddha in the Garden Canyon Sunset
Daydream at Fox Hollow Fogged in at Grand Canyon Native Spirits White Mare




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